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OTT Platform

The MobileRider Platform is the core offering that we provide to clients. With its robust features list and capabilities, clients who utilize the platform have access to multiple products that help deliver their live and on-demand video and audio online.


A live experience that includes features such as secure login, live content, VOD content, video segmenting, chat and Twitter, question & answer, polls, analytics, and a skinnable interface.


TV type scheduling, live content, VOD content, video segmenting, custom widgets, show/event alerts, analytics, skinnable interface, all which is either hosted or embeddable.

MobileRider CMS

Whether you are running one live stream or multiple…. whether you have a few video clips or hundreds of full-length episodes, the MobileRider online video CMS makes it easy to manage and organize your entire media library.

Custom Players

Mobilerider’s smart players are a simple and powerful way to stream video in both Flash and HTML5. Our players eliminate the need to create separate players for each viewing device and simplify your work flow. MobileRider players automatically detect the end users devices deliver the appropriate format.


Software Development

  • Custom branded players for streaming live and archived content
  • Social media widgets to promote and display events
  • Content Management System for live and archived streams
  • Event micro site development and management

Satellite Uplink & Downlink

MobileRider has a number of solutions geared toward locations where internet connectivity is non existent or unreliable. If you are putting up a feed for a television broadcast and would also like to deliver to the web, MobileRider can simply downlink the feed from our Salt Lake City based satellite hub, encode the content, and push it out to the web for IP delivery. Please ask a sales representative about our satellite uplink packages.



Dynamic Bit-Rate Streaming

MobileRider’s multi-bitrate streaming feature improves your viewers experiences by delivering your live streams and videos and at the resolution and bit rate that is best suited to their processor and bandwidth connection speed.

HTTP Live Streaming

HTTP Live Streaming allows you to deliver high definition extended length events to Apple devices (iPhone/iPad). MobileRider enables you to bring your live events to all iOS devices requiring the Apple HTTP standard.

Key Points

The MobileRider CMS allows you to highlight the most important moments of your live event. By selecting “Key Points” of an archived live webcast, you’ll be able to send users directly to those moments instantly.

Social Network Integration

Engage your audience and encourage participation during live webcasts with social interactions and chat pages. Add a social dimension to your content with comments, ratings and recommendation buttons. MobileRider also offers apps and widgets that add a social component to complement your videos. You can also encourage viewers to spread your media with viral sharing buttons built directly in your branded MobileRider video players. (Facebook, Twitter, Email to Friend, and Embed video options available)


Pre-Rolls, Post-Rolls, Banners, all can be implemented with your media with ease using the MobileRider CMS.


MobileRider allows you to make more informed decisions and drive results with detailed analytics and reports. Identify your most popular media and target audience behaviors. MobileRider Analytics provides detailed reports on critical audience metrics including visits, new viewers, time on media, and audience location.


Encode up to 8 streams (flash and IOS) through our state of the art Elemental encoders. For lower end webcasts we offer support for free desktop based encoding solutions.


The MobileRider encoding network accepts just about all media types and automatically generates anywhere from 1 to 4 renditions of your videos source file based on default settings or a custom encoding profile you set up.