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MobileRider Networks, LLC

Since 2006, our Salt Lake City area based company — MobileRider, has been a leading Software As A Service (SaaS) provider, supplying online streaming media platforms to businesses. We are a highly skilled team with over 30+ years experience in the streaming/event space, and are experts in all things OTT, OLVP, IPTV, HTML5, JS, CSS, HTTP Live, Cloud, Python, JavaScript, KU, and KA. We offer comprehensive publishing tools designed for you to manage, deliver, and monetize your digital media.


Latest Press

Qello Concerts

...Highlighting how fans were invited to access the live, intimate performance via online streaming partners MobileRider and Qello Concerts
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Eclipse Off the Charts: Akamai and MobileRider Power NASA TV's Live Streaming Coverage of Solar Eclipse for Massive Global Audience
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MobileRider & Akamai

...the “secret sauce” of a successful live or on-demand video event now comprises four essential ingredients: partnerships, quality, engagement and analytics.
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The Grammy Awards

...GRAMMY Live, through Akamai's partner MobileRider, a provider of SaaS-based online streaming platforms, utilized Akamai's Media Services Live to stream content before, during and after the event.
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Lewis Black

...MobileRider's work with Lewis Black is a great example of an Akamai partner leveraging our solutions to execute on innovative business models
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MobileRider & Akamai

...MobileRider Gains Competitive Edge with Akamai
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The North Face

...Highlighting The North Face's use of The “Park & Pipe Open Series” (PPOS) microsite by MobileRider
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...ebow launches GAA TV with MobileRider
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Stepchild Snowboards

...Stepchild Snowboards Launches New Media Site with the MobileRider Player
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Contact Info

1435 South State St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
(800) 481-1462